The Ethiopian Diaspora Investment of Las Vegas (EDIL) is a corporation registered in the state of Nevada as February 2013. The corporation is devoted to promote and engage in Ethiopian economic developments.

The Ethiopian Diaspora Investment of Las Vegas is a stock holders based corporation and membership is open to all Ethiopian investors and friends of Ethiopia who support and aspire the development of our country.

According to recent study, Ethiopian Diasporas around the globe turned their faces to their home land to invest in a group and membership style. It is observed that diasporas can illustrate business culture to their home while can adapt their contemporary culture. They are more focused and experienced in working collectively.

We believe successful building is achieved through the effective collaboration with the government and local business sectors.  Our goal is to engage in agro industry that are both healthy for the customers and that have modest cost to feed our people.

Incorporating any new method or strategy into the food industry process involves a learning curve. Sometimes step one. This also is true for Ethiopian Diaspora Investment of Las Vegas. Our motto is “OUR NEAR FUTURE IS OUR HOME”